The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin

Klover House

We can't use the word "client" when referring to Karen and Kevin Klover. This couple is DW3 Family.

The story behind this rustic dream -- with 300-year-old barn wood floor to ceiling in the living room -- is best told by Karen Klover.

You see, the Klover House isn't just beautiful, this home has a story, and it's an amazing one, at that.

The week Karen and Kevin moved into their home, they wrote the letter below about building their home with DW3 Construction and High Falls Furniture & Aesthetics.

The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin

The following is Karen's letter:

Hi Del –

Our Vision Brought To Life In More Than One Way

In October of 2014, Kevin and I started a journey with a new home in Kevin’s favorite place on earth, family land in the northern woods of WI. We made a decision to call a builder we had not heard so much about but we saw signs along the roads. So we called Del at DW3 Construction with a vision of what we wanted to do on the land. My husband had designed a home when he was about 30ish on a notebook paper and it was a work in progress. 

We had just paid off my last cancer bill and were ready to rock this out in March of 2016. Less than a week after the last bill was paid Kevin was told he had Nodule Melanoma. We rented a Uhaul and, with the help of family, we went down to KS in April were we got our hands on some old sawmill/barnboards and brought 6000 board feet back to WI. We were still going to do this project and had high hopes the cancer stayed in check for us. 

In Late July 2016, we had to hit the brakes on our build project. Kevin’s cancer was coming back to the surface. We were told by the town we did not pay our property taxes and the bank wanted more paperwork. The signs were so strong telling us to wait. The taxes were paid and the receipts were all in place, the papers "missing" were really not missing. Problems where there really were none. Our gut was tugging at us. Even with no issues, it was clear to us we were NOT to start this project. We called Del and told him the cancer keeps coming back and we just can’t build. Does not feel right. We know this will cost more in the end, but can we wait? Del was kind and understanding but never lost sight of what our vision was as this was not just a house for us it was a dream and he knew that. After all, we had a big ole pile of old wood he wanted to get his hands on. 

So this beautiful wood was stored in a lean-to under tarps living in the weather we do experience in Wisconsin. We just prayed and hoped the wood would make it until we were ready. Del at DW3 kept checking in with us and never lost sight of the vision we had. I think he was excited to work on this wood, but totally understood, with compassion, as to where we were at financially and mentally. Del being Del, with his wit and sense of humor, was either: checking in cause he wanted the wood to play with, or the guy really cared. We like to think it was a little of both.

In March of 2017, we were given the news that Kevin had stage 4 melanoma and it spread to some vital organs. We were told to get his affairs in order. He was going to die from this and we had to come to terms with this. Kevin made it perfectly clear to me that he wanted to pass in the old cabin/homestead in Crivitz. We, as a family, had to make this dream/vision come to life for Kevin. No regrets for him during this process. He could go in peace. We had to put it in God’s hands, his doctors' hands, and, most of all, the help from the family and friends. We can do this.

Spoke to kids and called Del at DW3 and asked, "Is there a way we can make this happen and yet make it affordable for him to see his vision come to life before he passes? Can we still use this old wood? Can we make sure that I can afford to stay there by myself once he is gone? Please help us help him!" We then put this project in the hands of Del at DW3!

Del got busy really fast. We had new plans drawn up fitting in a basement for me. He came back with a quote that was not only reasonable but it was spot on, with great detailed excitement and the drive to, not only build a home but to make Kevin’s vision come to life. 

Kevin started treatment and we were working like crazy to get our medical bills in order and to get our affairs in order. This did take time due to surgeries and treatment but we were on deck to build this home early 2018. That will bring us to about 3 to 4 months we had left with Kevin, or so we thought.

At the same time, Del and his team were getting ready. The news on treatment was getting better and better. We had hope. We had faith. We had family. We had friends. We had science. We had GOD! We had Del!

February 2018, Del & Dan came out to the land. Plowed his way back to the lean-to and all I could think about is: was this wood salvageable? Can we use it? They recorded their adventure and they hauled it off to his shop. People would ask us “Why do you want to use this old crummy wood?"

Del would say, "Don’t you worry, it will be totally sick when we are done." We trusted him completely. 

Took weeks to dry it out but once it did… these boys made this wood come to life. Del’s whole team! Dan’s whole team! I mean, the wood they created literally talks to us and tell us a story. I am not even going to hang art on the wall, as the job they did with the wood and chinking speaks volumes. So much so I am hoping he shares his work with future customers. We are only sharing the pictures Del is sharing at this time as he deserves all the credit for this job and he gets to share his work with the world. We will just share our home with those who would like to see it or a future Christmas tree picture. Hope whoever sees it loves it as much as we do. This is a one of a kind.

Kevin and I are ready to move into our new home. We happen to have the best builder we could have ever gotten for a match. Along with Del at DW3 Construction came Dan at High Falls Furniture and Aesthetics. Del did a lot of work to help us get on the budget, yet make us have hope and see a dream come to life that Kevin can enjoy. We put a lot of the creative end of what we were trying to do in Del’s and Dan’s teams and said, "Whatever you think." In the end, DW3 Construction and High Falls Furniture and Aesthetics put their hearts and souls into this project for us. He has contractors that are beyond any teams we could imagine. Perfection came from these young business owners, and from those who have been doing this a while. I feel very strongly that they can build houses… BUT feel stronger they all make dreams come true. They pour their hearts and souls into perfection. This was an easy project on us, with everything that we had going on outside of the home build, and just knew in our hearts everything would be perfect, and it is. There were days I walk in and stand there, get goosebumps, and cry. We are in awe and just so pleased and oh so proud.

Now that we are ready to move into this home, we are going to miss all of these fine people. We feel like we have been tied to them for months and feel like they are family in a way. A huge "thank you" goes out to everyone involved in this project. Most of all, Del we are honored to have you build our home and will cherish you and your team, forever in our hearts. Your work tugged on our heartstrings, that is for sure. Hope we stay in touch somehow, as you never know what idea we may come up with next. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we say "thank you" and are proud to call you Our Builder and so much more!

Thank you,

Karen Klover

Photos courtesy of Kim Hanson Photography, Art and Design

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The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin
The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin
The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin
The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin
The Klover House built by DW3 Construction in Crivitz, Wisconsin