Glass House

Our client asked us for a home that made it feel like he was right in nature no matter where he was in his home... let's just say we delivered. We know that wall of windows has you drooling, but wait until you realize there are two glass garage doors on the front and an additional glass garage door on the side of this lakefront home. Yes, three glass garage doors that, when opened, give you a cross breeze fresh from the lake. The beauty doesn't end there... this home is the perfect marriage of rustic and modern with custom scrub oak (made by us) and galvanized steel. Every last angle and corner has the utmost attention to detail to ensure our client enjoys falling asleep under the country stars being lulled to sleep by the loons every night. Have a dream like this client? We would love nothing more than to make it come true.

Photos courtesy of Kim Hanson Photography, Art and Design

DW3 Construction Glass House Exterior
Glass House Rustic and Industrial Cabinetry
DW3 Construction Glass House Galvanized Metal and Rustic Wood Cabin
Loft view DW3 Construction Glass House
Glass House Industrial, galvanized metal, rustic ceiling.
DW3 Construction built this home in Crivitz, Wisconsin that is all windows and two glass garage doors that open up to the lake. This home boasts galvanized metal and rough sawn oak throughout.