Maple House

DW3 Construction as seen in Reader's Digest magazine.

DW3 Construction worked together with High Falls Furniture and Aesthetics to create the custom trim, railing and hidden doorway for our Maple House that was featured in Reader's Digest magazine!

What we love about the Maple House is how well the masculine, dark trim and woodwork are met with feminine pulls, lighting and just the perfect ebb and flow through the entire home. The Maple House is located just outside Crivitz, WI and is the home of a family of four who now have a forever home that will be passed down throughout the generations. Thank you Melissa and Dan Pomeroy for the chance to help create this work of art. Take a look inside to see the woodwork and trim created and installed by High Falls Furniture and Aesthetics and DW3 Construction. There might even be a secret passageway hidden in there somewhere...

Photos courtesy of Kim Hanson Photography, Art and Design

Hidden passageway to playroom
Open bookshelf hidden passageway to playroom
Custom maple hardwood flooring
Living area custom trim and flooring
DW3 Construction built a hidden passageway in a bookshelf for Melissa and Dan Pomeroy in Crivitz, WI